Hello , my name is Elinore and my husband is Mac, I have 40+years of experience in the raising and breeding of our canine pals,  I started as a handler's apprentice and groomer in 1967, I've groomed for show dog handlers as well as pet owners, worked for veterinarians and I am retired from being an Instructor of Grooming in an accredited vocational Grooming School,  I have owned and bred AKC obedience dogs, Ch. dogs and WAC dogs. Now I am a retired  'stay-at-home' mom to our yorkies!! 

     We both know and love our canine friends,  there's nothing like snuggling up with 2-3 yorkies on a cold night! Our dogs are all raised in our home and use the outside for potty time (or newspaper when it is inclement weather). They are well socialized, love people and are used to other dogs, kids, and a bustling household...but they like to bark at our horses too! 

       We think our dogs are some of the cutest in TN and pretty special, our adult yorkies are often mistaken for puppies, they are that small and adorable!. We have the tiny babydoll faces, teacup, pocket size, whatever your term is for the tiny little, sweet-faced yorkies, we have them.
      We can also recommend you to breeders that we respect and admire for their vast knowledge and experience with yorkies if you are looking for a precious tiny new family member and we don't have puppies available.
        Thanks for looking and have a great day.


    Tiny Baby-Doll Yorkshire Terriers, T-cupYorkies &
 (parti  and chocolate colors sometimes available )

 "  JEM ""

        Tinker, produces the cutest baby doll faces, sweet dispositions and tiny, compact puppies. 
    Here he just had his summer haircut

Tinker's son, "Atom Ant" 2.6 lbs. at one yr. old.....
Tiny gorgeous boy with full straight coat 
Our adult dogs are also our housepets
 and are NOT FOR SALE 
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