Look at this adorable baby face!
      "Roxie", 3.7 lbs


** PLEASE NOTE: The smaller yorkie puppies stay with their moms until they are ready to be on their own, often 10 weeks old or more before they are able to leave us. I will not sell the very tiny puppies to young families with small children. Our puppies are very healthy BUT they require more attention and can not take the rough play of small children, so please don't be offended if I say NO to you on buying any certain puppy, it is for the welfare and safety of the puppy, and the puppies are my first concern. We are a family that loves our puppies first and foremost 

                          ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING. DON'T ask and I won't have to say NO! 
         Our home, we live in Hohenwald TN. on a 20 acre farm with our yorkies, 
                    5 horses, 3 cats and a doberman housepet.
Due to health problems in the past 2 years, we have cut back and adopted out some of our female yorkies, with only 4 breeding females left, we will only have 2-4 litters per year...some litters are only one puppy, others are 2-3. If you  want a puppy from us, please get one while we are stiill breeding dogs, I am sure we will cut back to only 3-4 yorkies total in the near future. 

 Our dogs are all housepets, the babies are raised in our home with us, they are used to the TV, the hustle and bustle of a family, they socialize and adapt to their new homes very easily and are always looking for attention. We breed selectively for quality so puppies are available only occasionally. 
 If we don't have a puppy for you, I will be glad to help you find one of the same top quality as ours. 

Our 'boys' are "Tinker" 3.5 lbs, "Archie"  2.5 lbs. and "Atom Ant" only 2.5 lbs. also. "Batteries not Included" is our 2.5 lb. parti boy,  we now have a 3.5 lb Golden yorkie/ chocolate carrier male. We do have a GORGEOUS  tiny male from our "Abby" that is only 2.7 lbs. and quite a handsome little boy, 6 mos. old and he is for sale.

               "JEM" Tiny Baby-Doll Yorkshire Terriers 
           We feel it descibes our dogs and breeding program much more accurately!

(Beau  who has a new home now)      Tinker 3.5 lbs.               
                                      Roxie 3.7lbs 
Please go to the "OURPUPPIES" page for photos of our puppies that are available now.
    Our household dogs, mostly moms.
"Tinker", 3.6 lbs.
Here are some of our yorkies, notice that with baby-doll faces they still look like puppies, even as adults!  More than once I've been asked "which of these puppies is for sale?" only to reply  "none of them! You're looking at our adults!"  THIS IS what I strive for! "TINKER" (on left in above photo), and "ARCHIE" is our 2.5 lb. male who produces extremely tiny babies,  (on right.. above)
Jubilee and Tinker
Jubilee's babies,'Gypsy' and 'Louie'
Our Yorkies
Our Puppies
Joyce's puppies